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- •'"* V- "'* '■ y "i 


Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen 

H i i 

»H::--:':;: : -Jmtiam 

Patricia Wenner Reisinger has 
been named director of Develop- 
ment and Alumni Services at 
University of Wisconsin Stout, 
Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen 
announced. Reisinger was 
associate director of Development 
at UW-Stout before leaving in 
1989 to become associate director 
of Development at Northwestern 
University Medical School, 

At Northwestern, Reisinger 
was responsible for gift acquisi- 
tion from alumni and friends, 
earmarked for supporting strate- 
gic priorities of the medical, 
school. She was also charged 
with advising, cultivating and 
tracking prospects; planning 
special events for the medical 
school; and assisting various 
departments in other develop- 
ment activities. 

In her new position at UW- 
Stout, Reisinger will serve as the 
chief development officer, over- 
seeing all fund-raising activities 
and providing executive services 
to the Stout University Founda- 
tion Inc. 

"Pat Reisinger has an excel- 
lent background in professional 
development and alumni work," 
Sorensen said. "She did an 
outstanding job here as associate 
development director and she 
has shown superior performance 
in her position at Northwestern 
University. Pat has established 
many valuable contacts with our 

* ^i «g~\ ~w~ ~w Tii!! /ir^fii t" 

li. * % # I. _j 1. J 1 1 1 y^i 

As we enter into our Centen- 
nial year, we continue our 
celebration of a truly outstanding 
university. I doubt whether 
Senator Stout ever envisioned, in 
1891, the remarkable success 
this university would achieve by 
1991. He launched an institu- 
tional enterprise that has had a 
remarkable impact on the region, 
the state, and, in many cases, the 

If we ask what makes UW- 
Stout unique and successful, it 
boils down to a single factor. 
People. Our people, with their 
dedication to their profession and 
to the school, make the differ- 
ence. For many of them, that 
dedication is characterized by 
one important distinction: their 
voluntary spirit. 

Volunteerism is deeply rooted 
in American culture, and even a 
cursory examination of our rich 
past reveals that the success of 
our churches, communities, 
political parties and educational 
systems has historically de- 
pended on people volunteering 

Patricia Wenner Reisinger 

alumni throughout the country. 
In addition, as an alumna of 
UW-Stout, she has a firm under- 
standing and appreciation of the 
university's traditions and 

Reisinger holds a bachelor's 
and a master's degree from UW- 
Stout. Prior to initially joining 
UW-Stout -in 1982, she taught 
home economics, clothing and 
textiles, consumer economics, 
family living, U.S. history and 
English at public schools in 
several Wisconsin locations. She 
has been active in numerous 
organizations including the 
Council for Advancement and 
Support of Education and the 
American Association of Univer- 
sity Women. 

their time, energy and resources. 
Here at UW-Stout that is cer- 
tainly no exception. I am continu- 
ally impressed with the more 
than 200 students who annually 
volunteer 4,000+ hours to tutor 
other students. For those alumni 
that were similarly involved as 
students, your efforts were most 

The alumni of UW-Stout 
further reinforce this great spirit 
by responding positively when- 
ever we call upon you for sup- 

We need your continued 
support, whether it is to serve on 
our board, organize gatherings or 
donate to the Foundation. You 
are part of this fine school and its 
great tradition, and we look 
forward to a long and valued 
relationship. m 

Dear Chancellor Sorensen, 

On behalf of the 40,000 plus 
Stout alumni, I extend our 
sincere appreciation for the speed 
with which you moved forward in 
filling the director of Foundation 
and Alumni Services position. 
The precarious position of 
having both this position and the 
alumni services position open 
concerned many of us. The 
Foundation and Alumni Associa- 
tion are integral to the 
university's mission and success. 

Each of us is aware that the 
Foundation board, Alumni board, 
the Foundation and Alumni 
Office staff and annual fund 
director Denise Sedlak did an 
outstanding job maintaining our 
many programs. These groups, 
and Denise especially, should 
receive your highest appreciation 
for the work they did during the 

As a final note, each of us can 
be very proud of the fact that the 
director's position drew several 
topnotch candidates from across 
the nation. It is an outstanding 
reflection on Stout. I commend 
you for your personal involve- 
ment in ensuring the speed with 
which the position was filled and 
the selection^ one of the finest 
people I have ever had the 
privilege to work with, particu- 
larly as we move forward into 
Stout's second century. 


Randall L. Pickering, President 
Stout Alumni Association & 

Plan to join us on January 26, 
1991, beginning at 10:30 a.m., for 
our Founding Day celebration. A 
dedication ceremony at the 
Memorial Student Center starts 
the day with the unveiling of a 
bronze relief plaque of our 
founder, Senator James Huff 
Stout. A reception follows the 
ceremony. Everyone's welcome! 

Spend the afternoon perusing 
exhibits depicting Stout's history 
and enjoying live choral perfor- 

Evening activities begin with a 
social hour from 5-6 p.m. at the 
Memorial Student Center, 
followed by an authentic 1890s 
Historical Buffet Dinner. The 
program features a keynote 
address by Dr. James Bensen MS 
'63, president of Dunwoody 
Institute, and remarks from 
Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen. 
The evening concludes with 
dancing to the music of the UW- 
Stout Jazz Band. 

Cost for the evening is $10 per 
person. Checks should be made 
payable to UW-Stout and sent to 
University Relations, Adminis- 
tration Bldg., P.O. Box 0790, 
Menomonie, WI 54751-0790. 

NOTE: Reservations must be 
made t>y January 11, 1991. 

Paul Hansen donated this picture, 
circa 1929, of a student project going 
out of Ray Hall. The house is still 
standing on the corner of 11th Street 
and 3rd Avenue. George Miller, the 
athletic coordinator at Stout, bought 
the house, moved it to the present 
location and finished the roof. 

Picture courtesy of UW-Stout 

Fail/Winter 1990-91 

Published by the UW-Stout Founda- 
tion and Alumni Association and 
distributed free of charge, to Stout 
graduates, friends and parents of Stout 

All copy is accepted at the discretion of 
the editor. 

Editor: Denise i/L Sedlak 
Ass't to the Editor: 

Charlene Smith 
Copy Editor: 

Antoinette LaBelle Burger 

Burger & Burger Creative 
Services, Menomonie 
Photographer: Marty Springer 
Layout and Graphics: 

Bob Burger, Burger & Burger 

Creative Services, Menomonie 
Editorial Office: 

Louis Smith Tainter House 

UW-Stout Menomonie, WI 


(715) 232-1151 




Presidential Greetings 


Randy Pickering 

It is an honor to accept the 
presidency of the Stout Alumni 
Association. It is particularly 
special as Stout moves into its 
second century. Each of us can 
feel a unique pride. Stout's 
worldwide reputation has been 
earned by the dedication of our 
faculty, quality of our staff, 
foresight of our administration 
and accomplishments of our 

Looking over the past two 
years, the university, the Foun- 
dation and the Alumni Associa- 
tion have moved forward effec- 
tively through significant 
changes— a new chancellor, a new 
director of Foundation and 
Alumni Services and, soon, a new 
alumni director. On behalf of all 
alumni, I would like to thank 
outgoing president Ann Yurcisin 
and annual fund director Denise 
Sedlak for the exemplary job 
they have done maintaining our 
quality alumni programs during 
this time of change. 

We wish former Foundation 
director Dave Williams the very 
best at Bipon College and are 
extremely pleased to welcome 
Pat Eeisinger back'to Stout as 
our new director. Anyone who 
has ever known Pat knows the 

professionalism, enthusiasm and 
dedication she brings to the job. 

Looking ahead to the next few 
years, a great deal of energy will 
be focused on recognizing our 
first 100 years and positioning 
ourselves to meet the challenges 
of the second century. I strongly 
urge each of you to take this 
unique opportunity to return to 
the campus and be part of one of 
our upcoming events highlighted 
in this issue of the Outlook. For 
those of you who have not been 
back for several years, you are in 
for some major surprises. But 
rest assured, the memories are 
still here and as deep as ever. 

I enjoyed meeting so many of 
you last month at homecoming 
and look forward to meeting 
many more of you over the next 
two years. 

Randy Pickering, President «& 
Stout Alumni Association H 


Randy Pickering is a 1979 
UW-Stout graduate in industrial 
education. Randy is Wisconsin 
Bell's area manager for customer 
service, responsible for the state 
of Wisconsin and UW-System. He 
and his wife Ruth (Kremer), a 
1980 graduate in business, live in 
Fitchburg, WI (Madison). They 
have two children. Richard, 
future class of 2008, is four; 
Rachel, future class of 2010, is 

Many of you may remember 
Randy as being instrumental in 
building and leading Stout's 
athletic training program during 
the 70s. Today he is still active in 
high school athletics, as well as 
Special Olympics and is -a battal- 
ion captain/EMT for the city of 
Fitchburg (volunteer) Fire 
Department. Randy was ap- 
pointed to the Stout Alumni 
board of directors in 1984 and 
was elected president of the 
board on October 5. •& 


Chancellor and Mrs. Sorensen greeted alumni during the Centennial 
Homecoming parade. 

When You're On The Move 

Everyone wants to know the latest about your work, your achievements and 
other important happenings in your life. Use this form to send us your "class 
notes" or to update the Alumni Office on your current address. 


New Address . 



Phone # ( 

Class Year 

News for the UW-Stout Outlook: 

Clip and mail to: 

Alumni Office, UW-Stout, P.O. Box 0790, Menomonie, WI 54751-0790 

Feel free to attach additional sheets. 

Outstanding Young Alumni Named 

Outstanding Young Alumni Linda Van Someren-Booth '81 with Randy 
Pickering '79, president of the Stout Alumni Association, and Chancellor 
Charles W. Sorensen. 

Linda Van Someren-Booth, job 
placement coordinator at Rise 
Inc. in Spring Lake Park, MN, 
was honored as a recipient of the 
Outstanding Young Alumni 
Award at the August commence- 
ment ceremony. Van Someren- 
Booth was a 1981 graduate with 
a major in vocational rehabilita- 
tion. In 1988 she was named the 
Job Placement Professional of the 
Year by the Minnesota Rehabili- 
tation Association, and in 1990 
she received the Distinguished 
Service Award from the Minne- 
sota Association for Rehabilita- 
tion Facilities. At Rise, Inc. she 
has assisted hundreds of people 
in finding employment in the 
local job market and has con- 
tacted over 500 companies on 
behalf of her clients. 


Dr. Wes Face, a current James 
H. Stout Professor, has begun 
writing the history of UW-Stout 
for the last 25 years and is 
inviting your input. "I am very 
anxious to get a different per- 
spective from others as to what 
they feel were the most impor- 
tant events or activities of this 
time frame," stated Face. 

Alumni, faculty and staff are 
encouraged to submit informa- 
tion they feel impacted the 
university and how Stout was 
affected. Send your thoughts to 
Wes Face, LLC 208, UW-Stout, 
Menomonie, WI 54751-0790. 



-* iJEF 


Ann Yurcisin 

Dear Alumni: 

You are members of an ex- 
traordinary Alumni Association! 
In the past two years, I have had 
the opportunity to meet with 
alums from all over the United 
States. What an outstanding 
group of individuals! 

I have found that no matter 
when they graduated, what their 
major was or what they are doing 
now, alumni are actively involved 
and supportive of UW-Stout. I 
have seen this so often at alumni 
reunions and gatherings. The 
turnout for these events has been 
tremendous, and sometimes it's 
surprising to see how far people 
have traveled just to be there. 

As a staff member on campus, 
I have taken the opportunity to 
attend Stout's two-day annual 
career fair where over 250 
companies were represented. 
Over half of these recruiters were 
Stout graduates returning 
because they KNOW Stout 
students have the qualifications 
that they are seeking. 


At events such as freshman 
orientation, Family Weekend and 
commencement, Ihave had the 
opportunity to meet with parents 
of Stout students who are them- 
selves alumni, truly making 
Stout a family tradition. How 
fascinating it has been to talk to 
successful alums and to hear 
where their careers have taken 
them. Inevitably they will at- 
tribute their accomplishments to 
their Stout education and the 
support they received from 
faculty and staff. 

I have also seen how alumni 
have been supportive of Stout in 
other ways, such as generously 
responding to phonathons and 
donating equipment and dollars 
so that Stout can continue its 
educational commitment. At a 
recent reception where 190 
scholarships were awarded to 
Stout students, I found that a 
majority of these scholarships 
were established by alumni or to 
honor alumni, making it possible 
for our current students to 
continue their education, becom- 
ing future alumni themselves. 

How gratifying it has been to 
witness this involvement and 
commitment of alumni to the 
University of Wisconsin-Stout! It 
is-these experiences which have 
made me feel honored to be part 
of this network of individuals and 
privileged to have served as the 
president of the Stout Alumni 
Association these past two years. 
Thank you! 


Ann Yurcisin MS '78, Ed.S. '81 ll 


A Very Special Souvenir Honoring 
Stout's First 100 Years 





1. Fill out this form to indicate the number of souvenir envelopes you 
are ordering at $1.50 each. 

2. Enclose your check made out to: UW-Stout. 

3. Enclose a No. 10 (business size) envelope, stamped and self-ad- 
dressed, in which we can send you your order. 

4. Mail your order to: The Centennial Committee, University Relations 
Office, UW-Stout, Menomonie, WI 54751-0790. 

Note: If you order three or more souvenir envelopes, your return 

stamped envelope will require an additional 20 cents first-class 
postage for each three envelopes ordered. 

The official day for the cancellation is January 5, 1991. Please send 
in your order as much in advance of this as possible. 



. Souvenir envelope with insert at $1.50 each $_ 

(Your Name) (Last) 


(City, State and Zip) 



The Alumni Board gathers on the steps of the Louis Smith Tainter House. Row 1: Kelly Meer '85, William. "Bud" 
Mickeels '32, Cheryl Meyer Bork BS 17, MS '82, Colleen Hartmon '88, April Frelke, Connie Hines Cahow '78. Row 2: 
Randy Pickering '79, Tracy Spoerl '74, Chancellor Charles Sorensen, Paul Nelson '87, Karen Schouten Hodgson '75. 
Row 3: Jack Postman '49, Pat Wenner Reisinger BS '61, MS '67, Bob Schams '83, Norb Link BS '59, MS '61, Carol 
Lund "74. Missing: Pat Freer '82, Dan Kelley '84, Linda Carlson Mickelson *75, Kathleen Levenhagen Sewell ' 84 . 




Karl Karlstrom 16 


Ruth E. Michaels 


George Decker 

Dip. '21, BS '28 


George Decker 

Una Mae Krebbs 

Dip. '20, BS '25 


Borghild Eng Dahlgren '18 


Donald K. Mereen '16 


Nellie Schoonover '25 


Carl Haase '35 


Jean Anderson 

BS '46, MS '48 


Ralph Betterley 

BS '35, MS '47 


John Christensen '53 


Leon Young 

BS '43, MS '54 


James Bailey '48 


Lowell Tuft BS '49, MS '50 


George Kinsler 

BS '51, MS '53 


Joseph Koch '57 


Richard Seitz '61 


Allan May BS '64, MS '68 


Patricia Wenner Reisinger 

BS '61, MS '67 


Jeanette Daines 

BS '74, MS '77 


Maggie FooteBA '74 


Scott Cabot BS '78, MS '79 


Ann Yurcisin 

MS '78, Ed.S. '81 

A great big "thank you" to all 
who have served the UW-Stout 
Alumni Association. 



Building The Foundation 

The Stout 

The Stout Foundation scholar- 
ship program began in 1963 
when concerned faculty and 
alumni sold Homecoming buttons 
to raise $200 for two scholarships 
for Stout students. In the past 
five years, the program has 
grown to assist over 1,190 
students with more than 

The growth of the scholarship 
program is directly related to the 
generosity of faculty, alumni and 
friends who wish to help Stout 
students more readily afford the 
ever rising cost of a college 
education. Many of these indi- 
viduals have created the en- 
dowed funds, from which the 
income provides the scholarships 
being awarded today. 

Many more students, however, 
are facing financial pressures 
which additional scholarships 
could help ease. If you are 
interested in establishing a 
scholarship fund or know some- 
one who may be interested, 
please let us know. Simply 
contact Patricia Keisinger, 
Executive Director, Stout Univer- 
sity Foundation, Louis Smith 
Tainter House,320 South Broad- 
way, Menomonie, WI 54751- 
0790, (715) 232-1256, or Chancel- 
lor Charles W. Sorensen, 320 
Administration Building, UW- 
Stout, Menomonie, WI 54751- 
0790, (715) 232-2441. 




Over $91,000 in scholarship 
support was given to 190 stu- 
dents at this year's Stout Foun- ' 
dation award ceremony on 
September 5. The following list 
represents the various funds 

American Institute of Plant 


(Twin City Chapter 13) 
Margaret Arneson Memorial 
Bakers Square Restaurants 
Lynette Beatty/Penny Radke/ 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 
Frank and Betty Belisle 
Big Summerfest Reunion 
George and Janice 

Henning Blake 
Bida Lou Braker 
Walter and Evalyn 

Van Stratum Brinkman 
Leo F. Buscaglia 
Estell and Nelda Curry 
Reinhold and Borghild Dahlgren 
George and Gladys Decker 
John Ernst Memorial 
Karen Feirn 
Karen Fladoes 
Tom Fleming 

John and Frances Furlong Art 
Owen F. Goodman, Jr. 
H.M. and Una Mae Hansen 
Willard C. Hanson 

and Elizabeth Hanson 
William Heller, Sr. - 
Independent Printing Company 
C. Ray and Babe Ingram 
Terry and Margy Ingram 
Lida Jamison 

Fred Johnson Graphic Arts 
Kainski Freshman 
Jessie May Erlin Kaiser 
Floyd Keith 

Kell Container Corporation 
Paul E. Kell Packaging 
Donald Keller 
Luella Kramer 
John and Willa Lammer 
Mae E. Lampert 
Toby J. Landgraf 
William R. Lindsay 
Sam Lotwin 
Luther Mahan 
Michael Maxa 
Ray F. McNaughton 
James McRae 

Menasha Corporation-George 
Hinton Evelyn Lindahl Metcalf 
Margaret Micheels Memorial 

National Residence 

Hall Honorary 
Alma and Charles Pagnucco 
Eva M. Patchen 
Phi Upsilon Omicron 
Pi Kappa Delta 
Robert L. Pierce 
Arnold and Donna Piersall 

Technology Education 
Loraine Piersall Memorial 
Randy Replinger Memorial 
Lucille W. Reynolds 
Joe Rinck Memorial 
Richard Roberts Memorial 
Homer C. Rose 
Jon C. Rosinsky Memorial 
Nelva G. Runnalls 
Frances Schneider Memorial 
August Schulz Memorial 
Melvin Alexander Scott 
Virgil and Minnie Knight Scott 
Stout Alumni Graduate 
Stout Foundation 
Stout Marathon Bridge Group 
Robert S. Swanson 

Alumni Association 
Chris Tessendorf Memorial 
Daniel Timm 
Toward Self Reliance 
Katherine Berns Van Donk 
Letitia Walsh 

Cora Sunde Walters Memorial 
Bob Ward Photography 
Charles P. Wegner Memorial 
Henrietta Wells Dietetics 
Ray Wigen Graduate 
Helen Willems 
Lois Wood 
Samuel E. Wood Student Senate 

Can You 
Match This? 

In the spotlight this issue are 
more companies who support 
Stout by matching employee gifts 
to the Stout University Founda- 

Cooper Industries (1:1) 
Church Mutual (1:1) 
Eaton Corp. (2:1) 
FMC Corp. (1:1) 
Geo. A Hormel (1:1) 
Josten's (1:1) 
Kellogg (2:1) 
Land O'Lakes Inc. (1:1) 




Chancellor Sorensen and Tony Gulliekson BS '65, MS '66 get acquainted a 
the July reunion for the classes of 64, '65 and '66. 

N. A "Tony" Gulliekson BS 
'65, MS '66 called the Foundation 
office in the spring of 1990 and 
said, "I want to make Stout the 
beneficiary of a life insurance 
policy. What do I need to know, 
and how can I encourage others 
to think of doing the same?" 
When we learned that Tony 
would be on campus in July for 
the 25th reunion of the classes of 
'64, '65 and '66, we asked if he 
would share his story and his 
vision with others. 


Tony came to Stout in 1961 
because Walter Netterblad Dip. 
'26 and William Martin '59, his 
high school printing teachers, 
told him about Stout and gave 
him tremendous encourage- 
ment to attend Stout. Tony came 
and received a bachelor's degree 
in industrial education in 1965, 
married Diana Kadinger (also a 
'65 Stout grad), and remained at 
Stout while Diana got a second 
bachelor's degree and he received 
his master's in industrial educa- 
tion. Tony went on to work as an 
instructor of graphic arts at 
Winona State University, during 
which time he saw the need for a 
doctorate and began that work at 
the University of Northern 
Colorado in 1969. While there he 
received a $3,000 fellowship from 
the Graphic Arts Technical 
Foundation, took additional 
courses at Stout, accepted a 
position at California State 
University-Fresno and completed 
his Ed. D. While at Stout Tony 
held a number of offices in the 
Stout Typographical Society, was 
very active in Alpha Phi Omega, 
a national service fraternity, and 
was part of the Tower staff and 
business manager for the 


"I wanted to encourage others 
the way Wally Netterblad and 
Bill Martin encouraged me. The 
25th reunion in July and a 25th 
wedding anniversary in August 
got me thinking. Where am I? 
Where have I been? What does 
the future hold? And the more I 
thought, the more I began to 

appreciate what Stout had done 
for me. Yes, I had worked hard at 
Stout, but I got a lot from that 
work. My time at Stout changed 
me and was instrumental in 
every success that I enjoy. I owed 
Stout, but what could I do now 
with children still in school? How 
could I repay Stout and encour- 
age others? I knew I couldn't 
give a major gift now, and then I 
thought of life insurance. Why 
not make Stout the beneficiary of 
a policy? It's a promise. Why not 
make this promise-Stout has to 
go on and needs money to do 
that. I want my money to be a 
part of what keeps Stout going. I 
want to be a link in that chain." 

Tony officially became a link 
in that chain in July when he 
filed with the Foundation a copy 
of the insurance policy. 

His advice to current students 
is "Stout is offering you a won- 
derful opportunity to succeed in 
your personal and professional 
life-use it!!!" < 


In searching through the 
Alumni Association directory, we 
have found hundreds of alumni 
whose names are recorded but 
who are lacking a current ad- 

In this and future issues, we 
will list some of these names by 
year of graduation. If you know 
the current address for any of 
these alumni, please let us know 
Send the address or other infor- 
mation to Alumni Association, 
Louis Smith Tainter House, UW 
Stout, Menomonie, WI 54751- 
0790, or call (715) 232-1151. 


Albert O. Anderson 
Bert W. Anderson 
Prode Anderson 
Van S. Ashman 
CarlJ. Beinert 
John H. Brandvold 
Bernice G. Bricker 
Blair Bronstad 
Clarence T. Bruness 






Two new fund-raising pro- 
grams involving our alumni as 
program leaders have been 
initiated recently and are proving 
to be very successful, thanks to 
the hard work and efforts of our 

Class Challenge 

Cheryl Meyer Bork '77, Lou 
Tiffany '76 and Carol Lund '74 
led the Alumni Association's first 
class challenge. Between the 
classes of 1974, '76 and '77, the 
class of '77 won with the greatest 
dollar amount donated ($5,917) 
and the highest average gift. The 
class of '74 raised the next 
highest dollar amount ($5,437), 
while the class of '76 had the 
second highest average gift. The 
class of '77 and '74 tied for total 
participation with each having 13 

Thank you Cheryl, Lou and 
Carol for a job well done. 

Stout Agents 

Mike Rass '78, General Mills, 
and Jeff Daniels '80, IBM, began 
a new program in fiscal year '90 
when they became the first Stout 
agents for their respective 

The object is to remind co- 
worker alumni that UW-Stout 
needs and deserves their support 
and that their employer offers 
matching gift donations. 

Mike and Jeff are doing a 
terrific job and we say thank 
you to them and to all alumni 
that have gotten involved. 

Any alumni that wish to start 
a similar program in their 
company can contact Denise 
Sedlak, Stout University Founda- 
tion, (715) 232-1256, for more 

Summer Fun 

Alumni and friends from the 
classes of '64, '65 and '66 gath- 
ered on July 7, 1990, to renew 
friendships, visit special places 
on campus and in town, and 
explore new buildings. Tours in 
the afternoon included the Stout 
Technology Park, the Louis 
Smith Tainter House, the Niche, 
the Furlong Art Gallery and" the 
Bookstore. Greetings from 
Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen 
and dancing completed the 
reunion activities. 



The banner headline devel- 
oped for our first Centennial 
issue of the Outlook and an- 
nouncing the schedule of Centen- 
nial activities has received a 
great deal of attention since it 
first appeared in the Winter/ 
Spring 1990 issue. 

In our summer issue of Out- 
look, we featured a picture of it 
on a semitrailer which had been 
painted to commemorate Stout's 
Centennial. The truck, owned by 
John Dotseth Trucking, had been 
revealed during Family Week- 

The banner, designed by Bob 
Burger of Burger and Burger 
Creative Services in Menomonie, 
became the basic design used by 
Dick Capra '73, owner of DJ 
Signs and Arts in Menomonie, for 
painting the illustration on the 

The truck, with its commemo- 
rative banner signage, has been 
seen by hundreds and will be 
seen by hundreds more as it 
carries its loads throughout the 

Bakers Square 
Supports h & R Students 

Amin Fazal, Kathy Ryan and Gary Fiedler, representing Bakers Square 
Restaurants, greet scholarship recipients John Panke, Vicki Mendham, 
Kevin Kerstein and Laura Krai. Not shown: Stacy Sundstrom. 

Bakers Square Restaurants 
awarded five $500 scholarships 
to UW-Stout students as a result 
of the corporation's new scholar- 
ship program. Eligible students 
had to be juniors and seniors 
enrolled full time in the 
university's hotel and restaurant 
management program with a 
cumulative grade point average 
of 3.0. 

The corporation recruits many 
Stout students and felt this 
program would help to encourage 
those pursuing degrees in the 
restaurant management field. 
Students receiving these first 
awards were Kevin Kerstein, 
Laura Krai, Vicki Mendham, 
John Panke and Stacy 



Judy Zenda Leary BS '68, MS '71, Mary Schaefer, Gary Leonard BS '63, MS 
'66, and Roger Schaefer BS '63, MS '64 trade stories at the summer reunion. 



Robert Bryan 

John E. Butenhoff 

Edmund A. Byerly 

Frank W. Cassell 

Dorothy Cole 

Roy F. Danberg 

James K. Doyle 

Rudolf F. Duenow 

Genevieve Bowerman Dutton 

Janet Evans 

George A. Friday 

Gail M. Galloway 

Robert Gunn 

Maynard F. Hack 

Ervin O. Hageness 

Emma Helen Hansen 

Jessie Hansen 

Jerome S. Hanson 

Robert F. Healy 

Denis Hennessy 

Louise Hobart 

Alfred E. Idu 

Henry E. Jangas 

Albert D. Johnson 

Marion J. Kraker 

Peter Clement Kreuser 

Fintan Langenderfer 

Gerald Larsen 

Chester A. Larson 

Lorraine Lichfield Larson 

J. E. Lee 

Laurie Lehto 

Kathleen L. Lind 

Arvid F. Lundeen 

Russell J. Manly 

Harold Matson 

James R. McDonough 

Valeria Volp Miller 

Geraldine Anderson Morrison 

William E. Murray 

Lucile Miler Oakey 

Walter E. Oja 

Kenneth E. Patterson 

Emily Voracheck Paulau 

William Keith Penn 

Edward R. Radke 

Hugh G. Raymond 

Carl L. Roll 

Lauretta Schmidt 

John H. Slaughter 

Otto T. Steffenson 

George Swant 

Alfred L. Thiede 

Frederick W. Towne 

Gerald G. Trader 

Mary Kaschak Van Eynde 

Merlin R. Wagner 

Mabel Jackson Zimmerman 

Ray P. Zimmerman 



Special thanks to those dy- 
namic alumni volunteers who 
made the UW-Stout booth at 
June's Summerfest in Milwaukee 
a great success. For the second 
annual Big Keunion of all UW- 
System schools' alumni, Jim '80 
and Linda Stiloski '81 and 
Walter Kirchhoff '85 put together 
a lively group of volunteers to 
welcome alumni and friends at 
the Stout booth. Ardith Quilling 
Roseland entertained visitors ' 
with her balloon magic and our 
own Tracy Spoerl '74, food and 
beverage manager for all of 
Summerfest, was on hand in the 
VIP tent. Jenny Polack, a current 
Stout student, was also on-site 
with items from our campus 
bookstore. If you want to be 
involved next year, please let the 
Alumni Office know of your 
interest. j| 


November 6 (Tuesday) - 26 
December 4 (Tuesday) - 22 

Drawing Show from 
Madison Art Center 

Cavalier Ketchum 
Photography Show 

* January 29 (Tuesday) - February 15 Art and Design Faculty Show II 

February 26 (Tuesday) - March 5 Photos of Wisconsin 

(from Smithsonian Collection) 

*March 26 (Tuesday) - April 12 Annual Student Best 

of Design Exhibition 

*April 23 (Tuesday) - May 17 

Annual Student Fine Art Show 

*Denotes an opening on the first day of the exhibit, 4-6 p.m. 






Harry Peterson Dip. '17, BS '35 is 95 
years old and lives in Wisconsin Rapids. 
He taught industrial arts and vocational 
and adult education for 46 years. He had 
Clyde Bowman Dip. '09 and Floyd 
Churchill Dip. '10 as teachers of manual 
training in the 7th and 8th grades at 
Stillwater, MN. Both of them encouraged 
him to attend Stout. Stuart Anderson 
'35, Springfield, IL, initiated and 
monitored House Bill 1249 through the 
Illinois Legislature and has been elected 
an honorary member of the Illinois 
Association of School Boards. This honor 
is bestowed upon individuals who have 
rendered distinguished service to public 
education in Illinois or to the Association. 
He will receive his award Nov. 18 in 
Chicago. David BS '53, MS '56 and 
Geraldine Erickson Bieniasz BS '53, 
MS '73 reside in Amery. Dave retired in 
1989 from Amery Public Schools and 
Gerry in 1990 from Clear Lake Schools. 
Robert Duren BS '57, MS '58, Altoona, 
has retired after 32 years of teaching 
industrial arts at Regis High School, Eau 
Claire. Norbert Link BS '59, MS '61 is 
production supervisor at Wisconsin 
Tissue Mills, Menasha. Gayle Bonnell 
MS '61, Castle Rock, WA, has retired 
after 28 years of teaching industrial arts. 
Gloria Sutton Noone '61, Walnut 
Creek, CA, is a consumer information 
specialist for Specialty Brand Inc. 
Marilee Olson Houg '63, Louisville, KY, 
is a student at the Louisville Presbyterian 
Theological Seminary. NA. "Tony" 
Gullickson BS '65, MS '66 is a professor 
in the Industrial Technology Department 
at California State University-Fresno. He 
has been named a recipient of the 
Meritorious Performance and Profes- 
sional Promise Award. Diane Vance 
Christensen '69 is a teacher/special 
needs coordinator for children at risk 
with the Racine Unified School District. 
Doris Wagner MS '69 has retired after a 
40-ycar career in education spent entirely 
in Dunn County. She's been a teacher at 
Colfaxfor the past 24 years. Mary Probst 
Dikkeboom '70 is extension home 
economist in Rock County. Bruce 
Sanderson *70 is manager of service 

technical training/curriculum develop- 
ment at Nissan Motor Corp., Carson, CA. 
Max Therou BS '70, MS '73 and '79, 
Chippewa Fails, is supervisor of conserva- 
tion for Northern States Power. Mary 
Lynne Quandt Mason '71 is food service 
director for Fairhaven Nursing Home in 
Whitewater, a consultant to Kiwanis 
Manor in East Troy and nutrition 
consultant to Nutrition Plus in Janesville. 
She is the first woman to be named 
Business Associate of the Year by the 
Janesville Heritage Chapter of the 
American Business Women's Association. 
Thomas Nemeckay '71 is a 
preproduction quality engineer at Racine 
Steel Castings. Robert '71 and Dolores 
Henrickson Urban '72 reside in Hales 
Corners. Robert is employed at Heiser 
Ford, Milwaukee. Susan O'Brien 
Kuehling'72 has been promoted to 
computer project manager in the 
Information Services Department at the 
corporate office of Oscar Mayer Foods 
Corporation, Madison. Barbara Griffith 
Weyenberg MS '72 is an at-risk youth 
counselor at the Alternative High School, 
Northcentral Technical College, Wausau. 
Robert Lampman '73, Cumberland, has 
had his original works of art exhibited 
around the country, including the 
National Open Juried Exhibition of 
Contemporary Spiritual Art in Scran ton, 
PA, and the Art in the Park Exhibit, Rice 
Lake. Dennis Zopp '73, Shawano, is a 
free-lance photographer and the owner of 
Paramount Photo Shop. Cheryl 
Jochimsen Kruschke '74 is the 
outpatient oncology dietitian for the 
Regional Cancer Center at St. Vincent 
Hospital, Green Bay. Ronald Michaelis 
'74, Fishkill, NY, is a self-employed 
scheduling engineer/consultant. Martha 
Verkuilen '74, Seattle, WA, is starting 
her own home based word processing 
business, Ladybug Computer Services. 


Katherine Kaempfer '75 is chief clinical 
dietitian at Phoenix General Hospital, 
Phoenix, AZ. Stephen Wendt '75 is a 
senior project engineer at Blount Inc., 
Owatonna, MN. Linda Funk '76 was 
selected the 1990 "Member of the Year" 
by the Wisconsin Home Economists in 
Business. She is national communica- 
tions manager for the Wisconsin Milk 

Marketing Board in Madison. Linda 
Karwoski Hinde '76 is a teacher of 
family and consumer education/health at 
Oconto High School. She recently 
received the Kohl Fellowship which 
rewards teachers who have demonstrated 
superior ability in inspiring a love of 
learning in their students, provided 
outstanding service within and outside 
the classroom, or helped improve the 
morale and status of their profession. 
Melodi Finn Peters '76, Lake Bluff, IL, 
is working part time in private practice 
for a group of obstetricians. Michael 
Siegmund '76 is a senior quality 
engineer at Warner Electric, a division of 
Dana, Roscoe, IL. Esther Adams MS '77, 
Fennimore, is curriculum/staff specialist 
at Southwest Wisconsin Technical 
College. Ellen Howie Brown '77 is a 
certified personnel consultant in data 
processing for Howie & Associates Inc., 
Roswell, GA. Kenneth '77 and Ruth 
Gerber Rupp '76 reside in Boscobel. Ken 
is supervisor of quality engineering at 
Advance Transformer Co., a division of 
North American Phillips Corp.; Ruth is 
manager of a Haagen-Dazs subsidiary of 
the Pillsbury Co. Toni Thompson '77 is 
deputy clerk of Larimer County District 
Court, Fort Collins, CO. Louis Barsi 
Ed.S. '78, has been appointed assistant to 
the president of the American Association 
of State Colleges and Universities, 
Washington, DC. Mark Blodgett BS '78, 
MS '84, West Allis, is an industrial 
education teacher for the Waterloo School 
District and was voted Teacher of the 
Year for the 1989-90 school year. Jan 
Nichols Mattingly '78 is senior 
manager, Southeast Management 
Consulting Services, Atlanta, GA. 
William '78 and Michele Hayford Otto 
'79 reside in Nashville, TN, where 
William is general manager of the 
Stouffer Nashville Hotel. Anne Symon 
Patterson "78, Marlboro, NJ, is an 
independent consultant on quality 
assurance programs for textile and 
apparel companies and also teaches part 
time at the Fashion Institute of Technol- 
ogy. Sheila Ruhland '78 is assistant 
professor of marketing education at the 
University of Missouri-Columbia. 
Stephen '79 and Tou Sain Prock Gress 
'82 reside in Gray, TN, where Stephen is 
employed by Baxter and Tou Sain by 
Johnson City Press. Roger Paulson '79 
is director of production control, Market- 

ing Services, Deluxe Corp., Shoreview, 
MN. Jane Beestman Tietyen BS '79, 
MS '89 is employed by Gillett Schools. 


Scott Bidder '80, Wausau, is general 
manager of the Becher-Hoppe Service 
Corp. Gary Dean '80 has joined 
Energenecs, headquartered in Cedarburg, 
as customer parts and service coordina- 
tor. John Kilian '80 is a senior pricing 
analyst with Motorola Government 
Electronics Group, Scottsdale, AZ. Jan 
'80 and Julie Gessert Prinsen '79 reside 
in Newburgh, IN. Jan was transferred to 
the corporate headuarters of Traylor 
Bros. Construction, Evansville; Julie is a 
renal dietitian at Ohio Valley Dialysis 
Center, Evansville. Bernard Deck '81 
has been named national marketing 
manager of Ecogard Inc., Lexington, KY. 
Jerrol Golden '81 is enrolled in the 
Master of International Management 
program at Thunderbird, American 
Graduate School of International 
Management, Glendale, AZ. Jeff' 81 and 
Debra Luke Greuel '80 reside in 
Appleton. Jeff is a teacher in Little 
Chute; Debra is senior merchandising 
manager at J.C. Penney, Appleton. Helen 
Stephens Howlett MS '81 is a nursing 
instructor at Northeast Wisconsin 
Technical College, Green Bay, and has 
recently been elected to membership in 
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor 
Society of Nursing. John Stewart '81, 
Pewaukee, is vice president of sales and 
marketing at Design Associates. Greg 
Ginter MS '82, Wauwatosa, is a market- 
ing representative for Northwest 
Rehabilitation Center. Lee O'Leary '82 
is a CAD systems operator/programmer 
for Dow Canvas, Manitowoc. Gregory 
Peyer BS '82, MS '87 is principal of 
Wrightstown Middle/High School. 
Terrence Brown BS '83, MS '90 is a 
quality manager at Crane Manufacturing 
and Services Corp., Cudahy. Robert 
Lund '83 is the recipient of the Milwau- 
kee School of Engineering's Oscar 
Werwath Distinguished Faculty Award. 
Marilynn Mann '83, Franklin, is a life 
underwriter with Time Insurance, 

Adventures in Innovation 
The First 100 Years 

In observance of its centennial, UW-Stout is publishing a set of 
three books on the history of the institution and the life of its 
founder, James, Huff Stout. 

"James Huff Stout: Maker of Models" is an in-depth biog- 
raphy of the founder of the school. Author Dwight Agnew, professor 
emeritus, compiled bits and pieces of information about Senator Stout 
from newspapers, official documents, a handful of acquaintances and 
other local sources. The book examines Stout's various civic interests: 
improving rural life, service in politics and business, and education. 

"Reminiscences: An Anthology of Oral History" grew out 
of a speakers series offered at the university during 1987 and 1 988. Each 
month a person who had been active at the institution was chosen to 
speak, to provide a variety of points of view on Stout's history and 
development. Included are excerpts from presentations by Bev and Bob 
Spinti, Bill Amthor and Marv Kufahl, Dwight Agnew, Norm Zieman, 

Eva Rogers, Bob Melrose, Jerry Buckley, Betty Viens, Frank. Belisle, and Eleanor 
Johnson. The work was edited by Dan Riordan, a UW-Stout English professor. 

"Interpreting The Dream: A Stout History," traces the development of 
the institution fromits f oundingin 1891 to today, through the actions and philosophies 
of its founder, presidents and chancellors. Through text, photographs and a 
chronology, the book recounts James Stout's gift of a building, equipment and staff 
to provide manual training for secondary school students, and how that school 
grew into UW-Stout. 

Offered as a boxed set titled "Adventures in Innovation - The First 100 
Years," the books provide a concise history of the founding and development of the 

Order Form 

_Set(s) of UW-Stout 

Centennial Books 

@ $22.95 

Wisconsin residents 
must add 5% sales tax. 
Residents of Wisconsin 
counties with sales tax 
mustadd 5.5% sales tax. 

► Sales Tax 

Shipping 3.( 


Allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery. 


Address . 




Phone Day: ( ) 

Evening: ( 

Please make check payable to: 

University Bookstore 

□ MasterCard □ VISA Expiration Date_ 

Card Number 


Mail this order form to: University Bookstore, 302 10th Avenue, Menomonie, WI 54751 
To order by phone (MasterCard/VISA) call: 715/232-1235 





John DeLeon '84 is store' manager at 
Esprit De Corp, Sherman Oaks, CA 
Mary Gomsrud Flaten '84, Savage, MN, 
is employed by Blue Cross and Blue 
Shield of Minnesota. Lee Fruit '84 is a 
senior industrial engineer with Cummins 
Engine Co. Inc., Columbus, IN. Karla 
Gehrke BS '84, MS '90 is a junior high 
special education teacher for the St. Paul 
Public Schools. Todd Kirkman '84, 
Hillsdale, is president of E-Z Heat Inc. He 
is the inventor of the E-Z Heat aircraft 
engine heater system which is sold 
worldwide. Gretchen Knipfel '84 is 
executive director of the Ripon Area 
Chamber of Commerce. Margene 
Toraason Reno '84, Edina, MN, is 
health care sales manager for SYSCO 
Minnesota. James Vander Putten '84 is 
the associate director of Learning Skills 
Services at California State University- 
Sonoma. He recently received the Annuit 
Coeptis New Professional Award from the 
American College Personnel Association 
during their national conference in St. 
Louis and has edited a book Reaching 
New Heights for the Association on 
Handicapped Student Service Programs 
in Postsecondary Education. Jeffrey 
Bzdawka '85, Aurora, IL, is a user 
representative for the development and 
training of new reservations and property 
management systems for Hyatt Hotels 
and Resorts. Dean Davison '85 is an 
automotive equipment specialist at Bear 
Automotive Equipment Service Co., New 
Berlin. Timothy Emerson '85 is a 
programmer analyst for Northwest 
Airlines, Eagan, MN. Marine Captain 
Brian Good '85 is a squadron pilot with 
HMH-362 at Marine Corps Air Station 
New River in North Carolina. Captain 
Good is ah unrestricted naval aviator and 
flies the CH-53 Sea Stallion. Kevin 
Hager '85 is a packaging scientist at 
Amway Corp., Ada, MI. David '85 and 
Lorna Raether Liegeois '85 reside in 
Pond du Lac. David is a design project 
engineer for Kohler Co.; Lorna is a 
pattern maker/quality control supervisor 
for Imperial Knitting. Raymond Parker 
'85, Canyon Country, CA, is a senior staff 
engineer with Baxter Inc. Wendy Paul 
'85 is a second grade teacher in San Jose, 
CA. Dean Petrick '85, Ripon, has joined 
Ripon Foods as a process engineer. 
Martin Potter MS '85 is a corrections 
science instructor at the Fond du Lac 
campus of Moraine Park Technical 
College. He was named the winner of the 
first Teacher of the Year award competi- 
tion held by Wisconsin's 16-district 
technical college system. Kent Barrett 
'86, Boston, MA, is regional sales director, 
Facilities Management Division, Marriott 
Corp. Richard '86 and Paulette Lilla 
Cummins '86 reside in La Valle. Richard 
is employed by Grede Foundries Inc. and 
Paulette by PA. Bergner & Co. Mark '86 
and Mary Gramling Hartmann '87 
reside in Hermitage, TN. Mark is a 
benefits manager with Stouffer Hotels 
and Resorts; Mary is employed by Sprint 
Services. Kurt '86 and Deborah Winn 
Konietzki '85 reside in Neenah. Kurt is 
senior sensory coordinator for the James 
River Corp. Theresa Daanen Masters 
'86, San Francisco, CA, is national sales 
manager for Ritz-Carlton. Peggy Jensen 
Spadafore '86, Rosemount, MN, is 
employed by Canteen Co. 


Jennifer Dombrow '87, Racine, is a 
kindergarten teacher for Kinder 
-Care. Curt Harres '87, Columbia, IL, is 
housekeeping manager at the Ritz- 
Carlton St. Louis. Karen Hoff '87 is 
girlswear merchandiser at Oshkosh 
B'Gosh Inc. Charles '87 and Jacqueline 
Sundby Hughes '88 reside in Cannon 
Falls, MN. Charles is a software engineer 
at IBM, Rochester, MN; Jacqueline is a 
logistics analyst at 3M Corporate 
Headquarters, St. Paul, MN. Cheri 
Knutson BS '87, MS '89, Willmar, MN, is 
a clinical dietitian at Rice Memorial 
Hospital and a diabetes nutrition 
specialist in the International Diabetes 
Center. Sharon Oncken '87 is an 
activities technician at the Alzheimer's 
Family Center/Madison Area Adult Day 
Centers, Inc. Jeff' 88 and Lisa Barth '90 
reside in St. Louis Park, MN. Jeff is 
employed by IDS, Minneapolis; Lisa is 
student service advocate/elementary 
counselor for the Anoka-Hennepin School 
District. Matthew '88 and Ellen Frank 
Blumer '87 reside in Arcadia. Matthew is 
a supervisor at Ashley Furniture; Ellen is 
a dietitian at Tri-County Memorial 
Hospital. Greg '88 and Karen Carlson 
Crane '88 reside in East Ridge, TN. Greg 

is a manufacturing engineer with GE- 
Roper Corporation; Karen is a supervisor 
at the Ralph Lauren Factory Store. 
Agnes Duda '88, is a third grade teacher 
in Laona. James Gorecki '88 is a 
teacher for the Manitowoc Public School 
System. Allen Hoffmann BS '88, MS '89, 
Madison, is a safety consultant for 
Wausau Insurance Co. WiBiam 
Laakkonen'88 is an engineer at WBIO- 
TV, Duluth, MN. James Larson '88, 
Burnsville, MN, is a buyer for Rosemount 
Inc. Frank Moravec '88 has been 
awarded the Certificate in General 
Insurance by the Insurance Institute of 
America. He is currently an underwriter 
at the home office of Church Mutual 
Insurance Co., Merrill. Kim Nernberger 
'88 teaches elementary art at St. Joseph's 
Indian School in South Dakota. 


Stephanie Axelson '89 is sales coordina- 
tor at the Holiday Inn Chicago City 
Centre Hotel and Sports Center. Julie 
Bialk '89 is food production manager at 
Marriott-Sawgrass Resort, Ponte Vedra 
Beach, FL. Michael Collins '90 is 
employed by Wyndham Hotels/Trummell 
Crow, Wooddale, H, as a personnel 
administrator. James Evenson BA '89 is 
a disability benefit analyst with Mutual 
Benefit Life, Smyrna, GA. John E wart 
'89 is a packaging engineer with J.C. 
Penney Catalog, Lenexa, KS. Nicole 
Frerichs '89 is front office manager at 
Residence Inn, Newark, DE. Thomas 
Hulverson '89 is a buyer assistant/ 
merchandiser for Food Services of 
America, Eau Claire. Jeffrey Igel BS '89, 
MS '90 is head chef at Spring Green v 
Resort. Todd Kaderly BA '89 is a graphic 
designer for Aveda Corp., Minneapolis, 
MN. Heidi Gunderson Knutson MS '89 
is a dietitian at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, 
MN. Sheryl LaCrosse '89 is assistant 
production manager at Arbetman 
Brothers & Blair, Aurora, IL. Nancy 
Ness '89 is a clinical dietitian at Lutheran 
Hospital, La Crosse. John Parker '89, 
Racine, is kitchen manager at Holiday 
Inn. Mark Prodoehl '89, Orlando, FL, is 
co-manager at Red Roof Inns Inc. Heidi 
Springmeyer '89 is food service manager 
at Leader Nursing and Rehabilitation 
Center, Madison. Craig White '89 is 
employed by James River Corp., 
Kalamazoo, MI. Kevin Aleckson '90 is a 
representative/agent for New York Life, 
La Crosse. Jeffrey Baryenbruch '90 is 
front office manager at Ramada Hotel/ 
Canterbury Corp., Baltimore, MD. Steve 
Holland '90 is a livestock production 
specialist at Cenex-Land O'Lakes, 
Mauston. Shirley LimbergMS '90 is a 
clinical outpatient therapist with 
Lutheran Social Services, Tomahawk. 
Craig Nelson '90 is a preventive 
maintenance engineer for Admiral Co., 
Galesburg, IL. Stephen Post '90 is a 
process/electrical engineer with Box Crow 
Cement, Dallas, TX. Craig Sabota '90 is 
a manufacturing engineer with Miller 
Electric Mfg. Co., Appleton. Frank. 
Terrance '90, Eden Prairie, MN, is a 
production trainee (billing analyst) with 
Quebecor Printing. Teri Walsh '90 is area 
sales manager for Target Stores, St. Paul, 
MN. Debra Zabel '90 is a restaurant 
supervisor and front desk reservationist 
at Superior Shores Lodge, Two Harbors, 
MN. Kirk Zack '90 is a customer service 
representative for Funsport/Kemper, 
Glendale, CA. 

BIRTHS - 1971-1989 

A daughter, Emily Jayne, July 25, 1989, 
to John and Joan Vbgt Norman '76, 
Whitehall, PA. A daughter, Kristen Anne, 
Jan. 31, to Michael '76 and Sheila 
Siegmund, Rockford, IL. A daughter, 
Sarah Ellen, Sept. 30, 1989, to John '76 
and Vivian Sloggy, Fayetteville, NC. A 
daughter, Jennifer Elizabeth, May 16, to 
Jim and Judy Stanzek Gradel '78, New 
Berlin. A son, Jacob Harris, May 1, to 
Robert and Barbara Schroeder Blair 
MS '79, Ottumwa, IA. A son, Craig Alan, 
March 25, to Stephen '79 and Tou Sain 
Prock Gress '82, Gray, TN. A son, Tyler 
Jan, May 3, 1989, to Jan and Jane 
Beestman Tietyen BS '79, MS '89, 
Gillett. A daughter, Abigail Marie, May 
24, to Brian '80 and Joni Anderson, 
Cincinnati, OH. A daughter, Bonnie Jo, 
Dec. 9, 1989, to Jeff '81 and Debra Luke 
Greuel '80, Appleton. A daughter, Amy 
Renee, April 4, to Mick '82 and Laura 
Yahr Kaschnutter '83, Oakdale, MN. A 
son, Wyatt Albert, April 10, to Albert and 
Kristina Ganzemiller Puent '83, La 
Crosse. A daughter, Chelsea Rae, April 
21, 1988, to Scott '84 and Trudy 

_Jr jJIIlL 

Linda Funk BS '76 

Bernard Deck BS '81 Stephanie Axelson BS '89 

Cresswell Blom '83, Rochester, MN. A 
son, Eric Hammer, Feb. 11, to Allan '84 
and Rhonda Hammer Johnson '84, 
Kasson, MN. A daughter, Elizabeth Ann, 
May 10, to Ted and Ann Schuster 
Lorenzen '84, Willoughby Hills, OH. A 
daughter, Erin Elizabeth, May 9, to Carl 
'85 and Jeanie Docherty Seehof '84, 
Mound, MN. A son, Eric Matthew, Oct. 
20, 1989, to Matthew '88 and Ellen 
Frank Blumer '87, Arcadia. A daughter, 
Brittany Nicole, Oct. 24, 1989, to William 
'88 and Sharon Malec Laakkonen '88, 
Superior. A daughter, Vanessa Mae, May 
24, 1989, to Lee Ed.S. '89 and Barbara 
Welcenbach Born '78, Berlin. 


Robert '71 and Dolores Henrickson 
Urban '72, Hales Corners, announce the 
adoption of Jason Robert who is three 
years old. Raymond (Ernie) BS '75, MS 
'76 and Jo Ann Weber, Arlington, VA, 
daughter, Lia Glorianna, born Nov. 12, 
1989, adopted Dec. 5, 1990, from San Gil, 
Columbia, South America. 

DEATHS - 1911-1985 

Erminie Carey Dip. '11, June 19, 
Wilmot. Bertha Wiley Souba Dip. '11, 
July 16, Minneapolis, MN. Mabel. ; . 
Nelson Godfrey Dip. '15, Feb. 24, 
Oshkosh. Robert Thompson Dip. '15, 
July 25, 1989, Clearwater, FL. Irma 
Fagan Schaefer Dip. '16, 1987, Wichita, 
KS. Ruth Charlson Dip. '17, BS '29, Eau 
Claire. Rosalind Lifquist Dip. '21, Sept., 
Washington, DC. Helen Cunningham 
Merlo Dip. '21, Stevens Point. Marie 
Popp Dip. '24, Egg Harbor. Evelyn 
Hensel Kraeft Dip. '26, BS '34, April 16, 
Milwaukee. Ruby Christenson 
Whiteley Dip. '26, June 1, Minneapolis. 
Esther Grenzow Cole '29, April 9, 
Jacksonville, FL. John Goldgruber '34, 
January, Holly Hills, FL. Charles 
Bekringer '35, March 1988, Two Rivers. 
Harold Schulz '37, June, Milwaukee. 
Rebecca Adams Nelson '38, July 5, 
Menomonie. Ruth Thompson Frank 
'40, March 10, Sierra Vista, AZ. Darby 
Worman '40, July 19, Oldsmar, FL. Rex 
Merriman '42, May 11, Harlingen, TX. 
Robert Hartig '50, May 22, Onalaska. 
Phyllis Lumby TIede '53, March 27, 
Green Bay. Linda Gasperini Todey BS 
'64, MS '82, July 30, Ashwaubegon. 
Robert Schnell '67, March 10, De Pere. 
Larry Ullmann '69, April 4, Appleton. 
Michael Craney '71, May 16, Elkhorn. 
James Gugel '72, June 11, Lindenhurst, 
IL. Mark Bradley '85, August, 

Field Of Dreams 


James Sweeney, housekeeping service 
supervisor, August, Menomonie. 

MARRIAGES - 1971-1990 

Caralee and James Gregersen '71, Nov. 
4, 1989, Wheeling, IL. Couple resides in 
Racine. Linda Schmidt to Frederick 
Kuhn '75, Aug. 5. Couple resides in 
Milwaukee. Ellen Howie '77 to Jeffrey 
Brown, 1989. Couple resides in Atlanta, 
GA. Michelle Schoepp '77 to Gary 
Weber, April 7. Couple resides in Green 
Bay. Mary Beth Miller '78 to Michael 
McKee, April 21. Couple resides in 
Butler. Jan Nichols '78 to Doug 
Mattingly, July 3, 1989. Couple resides in 
Atlanta, GA. Jayne Stein wagner to 
James Dotter '79, May 19, Marshfield, 
where couple resides. Peggy Weber '79 
to Charles Barthold, Sept. 15. Couple 
resides in Douglaston, NY. Le Ann 
Skindzelewski '80 to Michael Le Blanc, 
May 5. Couple resides in Waukesha. ' 
Karen Lincoln '81 to Roberto Michel, ■• 
June 16. Couple resides in Sparta. Ann 
Peterson '81 to Doug Farah, May 19, 
Green Bay, where couple resides. 
Christine Bonnefoi to Lee O'Leary '82, 
Sept. 30, 1989, Manitowoc, where couple 
resides. Debra Byom BA '82 to Stephen 
Kluttx, April 28. Couple resides in 
Roanoke, VA. Cynthia Olson '82 to 
David Mattern, Feb. 3, Sister Bay, where 
couple resides. ShawnaPansing to Mark 
Mohr BS '82, MS '83, May 5, Mariemont; 
OH. Couple resides in Mason, OH. Amy 
Wennberg '82 to G. Robin Rafferty, Sept. 
30, 1989. Couple resides in St. Paul, MN. 
Mary Mech MS '83 to Thomas Green, 
May 19, Port Edwards. Couple resides in 
Appleton. Natalie Wilcoxson BS '83, MS 
'86 to Daniel McNall '84, Sept. 1989. 
Couple resides in Minneapolis, MN. 
Kathleen Kuepper '84 to Daniel 
Braun '84, Feb. 3. Couple resides in 
Shawano. Margene Toraason '84 to 
Glenn Reno. Couple resides in Edina, 
MN. Kristine Wagner to John Maclean 
'84, March 17. Couple resides in Egg 
Harbor. Connie Bartell '85 to Rodney 
Spalla, May 5, New Holstein. Couple 
resides in Addison, IL. Pamela 
Derousseau MS '85 to Thomas Breene, 
Jan. 6, Rice Lake. Couple resides in 
Mounds View, MN. Jill Erdman to Dean 
Davison '85, 1989. Couple resides in 
Milwaukee. Lori Famias to Kevin Hager 
'85, June 8. Couple resides in Grand 
Rapids, MI. Cheryl Buchner '86 to 
Jeffrey Kautz '86, May 22, La Crosse. 
Couple resides in Schofield. Jane Ciske to 
John Erickson '86, May 12. Couple 
resides in Plover. Paulette Lilla '86 to 

4# %Jt WP 

•mJ^^ A v '3k "* /*"$■ 

J^-. Jk. '.'Ȥ.. J 



— 1£ 


Coach Terry Petrie with his winning Blue Devil baseball team. 1990 honors 
included Northern Division champs, WSUC champions, District XIV 
champions, Area IV champions and World Series 7th place. 


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notify the Alumni Office at UW-Stout of the correct mailing address. 715/232-1151 


Richard Cummins '86, Oct. 14, 1989. 
Couple resides in La Valle. Nancy O'Day 
'86 to Todd Hereford, May 12, Oshkosh, 
where couple resides. Melissa Peters to 
John Straw MS '86, Majr 19, Wausau. 
Couple resides in Schofield. Cheryl 
Sausen to Douglas Pahlow '86, 
Clintonville. Couple resides in Black 
Creek. Mary Gramling '87 to Mark 
Hartmann '86, June 16. Couple resides 
in Hermitage, TN. Tina Grandt '87 to 
Michael Kaufman '87, April 21. Couple 
resides in St. Louis, MO. Lisa Maleport 
'87 to Douglas Wulf, April 28. Couple 
resides in Salt Lake City, UT. Sara 
Romanski '87 to Kelly Morlock, May 27. 
Couple resides in Eden Prairie, MN. Lisa 
Sharp BS '87, MS '89 to Jeffrey 
Behrens '87, April 28. Couple resides in 
Appleton. Karen Carlson '88 toGreg 
Crane '88, Sept. 23, 1989. Couple resides 
in East Ridge, TN. NicW Champeau to 
Mark Shady '88, May 12, Brookfield. 
Couple resides in Milwaukee. Deana 
Christenson to James Gorecki '88, Aug. 
4, Menomonie. Couple resides in 
Manitowoc. Jacqueline Sundby '88 to 
Charles Hughes '87, May 19, 
Menomonie. Couplejesides in Cannon 
Falls, MN. Lisa Bauer '89 to Keith Wise, 
May 19, Wausau. Couple resides in 
Appleton. Beth Brady to Jeffrey 
Calaway '89, Jan 6. Couple resides in 

Marietta, GA. Kimberly Coleman '89 to 
Brad Hayes '90, Dec.. 23, 1989, Elk 
River, MN, where couple resides. Lisa 
Gorenc '89 to Thomas Wanek, April 21.- 
Couple resides in Green Bay. Lisa 
Hamus '89 to John Thornton '89, June 
16. Couple resides in Marshfield. Monica 
Kuester to Joseph Weber '89, April 21, 
Menomonie. Couple resides in Sturtevant. 
Melanie Nelson to Daniel Schelvan '89, 
Jan. 27. Couple resides in Baraboo. 
Rebecca Richardson to Timothy Koltz 
'89, May 26. Couple resides in Columbus, 
OH. Lisa '90 and Jeff Barth '88, April 
21. Couple resides in St. Louis Park, MN. 


Mary Ann Townsend, Food and Nutrition 
Department, to John Tokheim, June 23: 


" " ■ " " ' ' • ■ ■ 


November 10 

NEA (National Rehabilitation Association) 
Conference, Minneapolis 

November 15 

Foundation Board Meeting 

November 30 

Chancellor's Holiday Reception, Louis Smith Tainter House 

December 1 

AVA (American Vocational Association) 
Convention, Cincinnati 

December 2 

Music Department Christmas Concert, UW-Stout 6 p.m. 

January 26 


Founding Bay Celebration and Dinner, UW-Stout' 

February 28 

Foundation Board Meeting 

March 17-20 

ITEA (International Technology Education Association) 
Conference, Salt Lake City 

April 10-12 

WVA (Wisconsin Vocational Association) 
Conference, Milwaukee 

April 19-21 

Family Weekend